One thought on “INCLUSIVENESS”

  1. I am such a big advocate for inclusiveness especially since I worked for ResLife on UK. One of our main campaigns on campus is Not in Our Halls. Not in our Halls is an inclusion campaign to include everyone in the residence halls despite of their gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. I seen NIOH come full circle my first year as an RA when we had a thanksgiving wide dinner. Now Thanksgiving is an American holiday but our hall instead made it a dinner with food from different countries world wide and opened the floor for an students to confess their thankfulness. We wanted the program to help us build a community of honesty and openness. NIOH is a great program by UK ResLife and it really does help students move past boundaries in the halls that could of potentially kept them from living comfortably. Not only does NIOH help students live comfortably but it aids in retention rates.

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