1. I think its sad that less children have access to quality to preschools. The brain is such a vital “weapon” in life that we should start educating children as early as possible. The brain is completely different at 5 and 6 then it is at 18 and 20. The brain is just able to learn more at a younger age. Maybe if more children had more access to quality education while in preschool, more minorities and people in general would have a better chance at higher education and an overall quality of life. Education is a essential part of life.

  2. I have recently become a research assistant working on a project called Race To The Top. With the project, my partner and I go to different child care facilities around Kentucky and interview the providers. The purpose of this project is to improve upon the coaching process of the facilities in order to eventually improve the facilities and provide equal and effective education to all children. This is a very great project to be a part of and I hope that what we are doing will provide great change to the quality of child care facilities.

  3. Research suggests that it is essential to educate children in their early years of brain development. Educational programs designed for pre-kindergarten children (preschools) can decrease future dropout rates, improve children’s cognition and other brain functions, and improve a child’s overall quality of life. There is a tremendous unmet need for high-quality early learning throughout the country. Across the country, fewer than three in ten 4-year-olds are enrolled in a high-quality preschool program. Studies prove that children who have rich early learning experiences are better prepared to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. Therefore, high-quality early learning opportunities should be provided to all children in America so that they enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and in life. This article discusses how we can fix early childhood education in America. More specifically, it highlights such topics as – a clear definition of early childhood education, the importance of early childhood education, demographics and how they affect education, and how we can make early childhood education more accessible for all children. http://nationswell.com/ask-experts-can-fix-early-childhood-education/

    1. Check out this link: https://kentuckyp20.ky.gov/reports/EarlyChildhoodProfiles/EarlyChildhood2015.aspx

      I particularly found Fayette County’s to be interesting. To observe all the data that is collected and to see how those factors effect readiness for kindergarten. Many different data points are on the data sheet about early childhood education experience, so that reiterates the importance it has to a child and their success in the classroom.
      The article about high quality preschools is correct, not only are they expensive, they are hard to enroll. In Lexington alone, some 3 day programs for 3 year olds that are half days cost $10,000/year! Other notable preschool programs that I have personally checked into, ranged from $6000-$8000. My child’s education is important, but that’s a lot of money for 9 hours a week! I’m sure some SAHM (Stay At Home Mom’s) feel that they may be able to educate their child just as well, rather than send them to a less reputable preschool, if they can’t afford the high quality ones and don’t qualify for public preschool programs.

    1. More and more children are coming into Kindergarten prepared to be successful in the classroom. Why? Because majority of them attended preschool. The things students learn and experience in preschool help prepare them for what to expect when they start school. I think sending kids to these preschool programs is great! But, is it fair? Not all children get to have the same experience because the cost to attend these high quality preschools are expensive. What things can be done so that children from a lower socioeconomic background can have an equal opportunity at being successful upon entering into Kindergarten? If kids from the middle and affluent class are excelling from the start, then the kids coming from a working class family are going to constantly be trying to play catch up with their peers who were able to attend preschool. Should preschool be mandatory and added onto public education?

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