The purpose of hosting competitions is to develop and maintain a platform to promote international dialogue, interaction, collaboration and the exchange of ideas; encourage the development of international research partnerships; and disseminate information on promising practices. There are places for readers to vote on each competition. Click above to read the rules and regulations for the latest competition and to vote for your favorite.


The awards page shows the awards won during competitions.


The exhibits page displays unique student generated activities (displays, exhibits, and projects) completed as a course requirement or community activity. These projects and exhibits are submitted by students, instructors, and organizations from around the globe. Click exhibit to view the current exhibits


The Market Place page features artistic works of disenfranchised youth in many countries. GENEO will showcase and make available for sale these creative works with all proceeds going to benefit the artist, their families, and communities. To view the current collection click the market place.

Educational Equity and social justice for marginalized populations