The featured stories page is divided into three sections: persons, organizations, and programs. The objective is to highlight the struggles and achievements of individuals, programs, and organizations in the battle for equity in educational opportunity, human dignity, social justice, and economic mobility. So send in your stories in 600 words or less and photos if available to be considered for inclusion.  The space will be updated periodically with older stories archived for continued discussion in the blog section. Click below to access current featured stories or the archived section.

       Person (s)   

The “Featured Person (s)” page was established to highlight the significant work of individuals that are dedicated to advancing the right of all human beings to live in peace and contentment with dignity. The featured person’s accomplishments in the areas of multicultural and global social justice, educational equity, and economic opportunity are evidenced through their research, authorship, presentations, mentoring, and/or international humanitarian work.  Each 500 word narrative provides readers with an overview of the individual’s background, elaborates on their vision, highlights their significant accomplishments, and provides contact information for further communication.


The purpose of the “Featured Organization” page is to draw attention to organizations (large and small) that are making significant inroads into the global promotion of human dignity, educational equity, economic mobility, and social justice; highlight organizational achievements; and raise awareness of upcoming initiatives. Each 500-600 word overview provides the reader with a brief history of the organization; shares the depth and breadth of the organization’s global reach; highlights organizational achievements; and extends an invitation to the audience to learn more about the organization’s future directions, initiatives, gatherings, and means of contact.


The purpose of the “Featured Program” page is to draw attention to projects (large and small) that provide assistance to marginalized and disenfranchised groups in the areas of: identification and development of local human capital; infrastructure improvement; access to educational opportunity, support, and skill building; economic stability and mobility; and in the development of cross-cultural collaboration and support.  Each 500-600 word overview provides the reader with a brief history of the project, states the project goals and objectives,  highlights its achievements to date, and elaborates on its future plans, needs, and how the reader can acquire additional program information.




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